Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 "Spalding Gray" Award

The winner of the 2011 "Spalding Gray" Award is Young Jean Lee and her theater group. Congratulations.
PS122 also announces: In addition to the local presentations, Performance Space 122 is pleased to announce that global programming continues in its second year with PS122 tours scheduled for London and Berlin in Spring 2012 and to Latin America, Asia and Australasia in the near future. Other touring presentations include continued participation with the "Spalding Gray" Award Commission which offers recipients a commission and tour with stops in New York (PS122), Minneapolis (The Walker), Pittsburgh (The Warhol Museum), Seattle (On the Boards). This award supports gifted writers/performers who fully realize all aspects of Spalding's legacy, who are fearless innovators of theatrical form, who reach into daily experience and create resonant, transcendent work that makes us all bigger, wider, wiser and, somehow, more than we were when we entered the theater.
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