Sunday, May 15, 2011 Mailing List. May 2011

1) First some words about the schedule of And Everything is Going Fine:
I did not receive an updated schedule from IFC until very recently. Unfortunately, I missed listing some showings. These are the ones I missed:
Duluth, Santa Fe, Anchorage, Bellingham, Woodstock, Honolulu. My apologies.
The remaining showings (that I currently know of) are:

May 29 - 31, 2011 - 7:10 & 9 PM - Victoria, BC - Cinecenta ( I won free tickets in a local contest as that is where I live- I wonder why???

June 8, 2011- Honolulu,HI (Doris Duke Theater) - date should be checked

Theatre Gigante: "Shades of Gray: A Celebration of Spalding Gray"
Oct. 27-30, 2011 at the UWM Kenilworth Studio 508, 1925 E. Kenilworth Place, Milwaukee - actual date and time of 'Fine'
and other Spalding monologues is unknown at this point.

Sadly, that is all the remaining showings that I am aware of. This weekend is the London (England) International Film Festival showing with Kathie Russo in attendance.

2) the Affiliates:
The truth is these don't get used very often so this site suffers somewhat but mostly PS122 in NYC. I was going to list all them but I realize that people will look at them if they want and remember to use them hopefully. I hand pick them so they are all appropriate to Spalding in some way or other. Plaid shirts allude me - best bets seem tobe the Gap though these days they don't seem to have many, Old Navy and Target. I do not have affiliates with any of them, mostly due to their restrictions - such as # of sales and residence in the US.
I recently realized that I don't think my Amazon connection works well as I could only get one for
I have been saying just click through to your country on Amazon such as US. However, that seems to negate my affiliate connection.
The only remedy is having a tax number from an American. As in from a fan perhaps. If you are interested in helping, please write me. The amount of money involved is very small and would likely have no impact on one's taxes. If it did, you could hold back whatever is necessary. I would help you in anyway possible.
3) I missed the 7th Anniversary of the Memorial in NYC...I had May in mind and missed April so it seems...

So since this is a short note mostly about 'Fine', I can add a zen story from
(aka what to do when one's depression really hurts):

Storyteller's Zen

Encho was a famous storyteller. His tales of love stirred the hearts of his listeners. When he narrated a story of war, it was as if the listeners themselves were in the field of battle.

One day Encho met Yamaoka Tesshu, a layman who had almost embraced masterhood of Zen. "I understand," said Yamaoka, "you are the best storyteller in the land and that you make people cry or laugh at will. Tell me my favorite story of the Peach Boy. When I was a little tot I used to sleep beside my mother, and she often related this legend. In the middle of the story I would fall asleep. Tell it to me just as my mother did."

Encho dared not attempt this. He requested time to study. Several months later he went to Yamaoka and said: "Please give me the opportunity to tell you the story."

"Some other day," answered Yamaoka.

Encho was keenly disappointed. He studied further and tried again. Yamaoka rejected him many times. When Encho would start to talk Yamaoka would stop him, saying: "You are not yet like my mother."

It took Encho five years to be able to tell Yamaoka the legend as his mother had told it to him.

In this way, Yamaoka imparted Zen to Encho.

now I feel much better...

take care

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