Monday, January 10, 2011 Mailing list - 7th anniversary

And before you do anything else, read the recent interview with Kathie at – EXCELLENT – A MUST READ - See:

Ok – the number one question these days:

‘Is And Everything is Going Fine going to play in … Why not? How do I get it to play here. How come it’s playing in places like Savannah but not in LA besides the opening?’

Well. Here is the answer. You need a theater to be willing to show it maybe. Then you email me the details and I send it on to the man at IFC who books showings. Prices depend on “on the size of the theater, ticket price, number screenings, and format “ (IFC). Foreign showing are different. Yet you still can email me. It’s just that someone else does the foreign bookings. And yes, if you want it to show in your community, you need to do some work. You need to find a location, preferably a theater of some description. So if you are interested and motivated enough, email me using the Contact sidebar page link on the site.

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