Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SpaldingGray.com mailing list - Nov. 28, 2010

Very short one - I have been working on numerous updates, new pages, new features and following up on many, many emails - just posted over 100 changes to the site due to emails and google alerts.
There are a surprising number of monologists requesting to be listed on the site - for sure they get listed - 5 requests in one 24 hour period - there are now 126 monologists listed...

1) And Everything is Going Fine in NYC and other places (some listed on site but best to check locally) on Dec. 10 - special stuff leading up to NYC opening
LA opening is Dec. 13th
International festival showing continue
IFC ON DEMAND is available as of Dec. 22 - see http://www.ifcfilms.com/get-ifc-films-on-demand to check you area ( I live in Canada so can not get this...whahhh!)
Everything available and current is on http://www.spaldinggray.com/Fine.html

2) Stories Left to Tell continues some showings in 2011
See http://www.spaldinggray.com/SLTT.html

3) And yes the University of Texas has acquired the Spalding Gray archives from the Estate.They are cataloging the collection and then it will be on the site with new page.
If you google it, there are many articles about it. One of the best is:
Very good and exciting. University of Texas is known for their extensive Archives.

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