Monday, May 17, 2010

Spalding Gray's Ireland

From an Irish fan:
I am currently investigating Spalding Gray's Ireland. He he appeared here a number of times,
at the Galway Arts festival and in Dublin. He was a big fan of Ireland which he said had the same quirkiness
as New York, that is until his accident near Moate, Co Offaly, June 2001.
That accident and how he was treated after his accident became the basis of the monologue "Black Spot"
and the unfinished book "Life Interrupted".
I have found the spot where Spalding had his accident, the interviews he gave in 2002 about it
as well as reviews and articles on him during his appearances here in the 1990s.
His accident is surrounded in mystery, we are dependent on Spalding for an account on what happened,
an account which was challenged by the doctors in Tullamore hospital where he was first treated.
I would like to find out the truth of what happened to him in Ireland
and am looking for any further records of this disaster.
Perhaps someone out there has a recording of him doing "Black Spot" before he dropped it.
Perhaps others spoke to him about his accident, I would really like to know what actually happened.
I live not too far from Moate where it happened and
I have set up a blog giving an account of my ongoing investigations:

Kind Regards

David FItzgerald, Irish Midlands

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