Friday, September 4, 2009

URGENT help needed - Save NPR WLIU

As the site ( is being totally redone in CSS code (early version maybe up as soon as tonight!), and I have changed hosts, the mailing list needed to be rebuilt. I have done this in Outlook as I couldn't wait for host since there is an urgent message here. Once the site is rebuilt and up, I will send out another note with other goodies. I hope the email addresses are hidden as that is the intention. If they do show, they are all private, xept me...Also, Outlook is warning me about Unicode and possible problems reading this, so let me know if it is not formatted properly. However, for now:

As most of you likely know, Kathleen Russo is the widow of Spalding. As many may not know, she is a producer for the NPR (National Public Radio) station WLIU 88.3 FM in Sag Harbor, NY - you can listen on the net... - it's a very good station in terms of helping all types of artists (authors, actors etc.) and the music is good...

Please read the following from Ms. Russo and help save the Station: (some email links did not come thru on copy and paste - if you want them, email me please) - however, the important web site link is there:
Artists and Writers of East HamptonUrgent News and Call to Save Arts Radio WLIU 88.3 FMDire Prospect of Shutdown of WLIU 88.3 FM, Urgent Action Needed Just got the dire news from Bonnie Grice, which will affect every working artist and writer on the east end. Long Island University has decided to shut down WLIU 88.3 FM as of October 3rd. What this means is artists, arts organizations and writers will lose one of our most important advocates and voices.

For the hundreds of individual artists and arts organizations who have been on Bonnie Grice’s show “In The Morning” the silencing of both a friend and an integral part of the art indigenous Hamptons Art scene will directly impair our ability to communicate with each other and the outside world. We need to make our voices heard to keep the important arts voice in the Hampton Art community on the radio. Go to new website:www.peconicpublicbroadcasting.orgSign up today! Also any letters to editors/Fred Thiele/Tim Bishop etc..would be mostwelcome and crucial to20the efforts to Save Public Radio on the East End(SPREE)

Letters to the Editor:East Hampton StarEmail Congressman Tim BishopOr regular mailSouthampton Office
137 Hampton Road 
Southampton, NY 11968 
(631) 259-8450
(631) 259-8451 (fax)

Washington Office:
306 Cannon H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-3826
(202) 225-3143 (fax)
Email Assemblyman Fred ThieleOr regular mail2302 Main StreetBox 3062Bridgehampton, NY 11932631-537-2583 ALBANY OFFICELOB 443Albany, NY 12248518-455-5997
David Steinberg, president Long Island

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