Friday, June 5, 2009

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Spalding Gray Day
No poem today as the sites poet laureate has been ill. I hope for her quick recovery. Today is Spalding Gray day. It is also the U.N.s World Environment Day My math tells me that Spalding would have been 68... News: 1) Lately at the site, I have still been working on updating every page, before adding new pages, such as Poetry, Depression, Performance Rights and others. With the site originally done in Netscape, it is difficult to convert over to Dreamweaver as the code is often misread. However, it is doable as opposed to a complete rewrite in CSS. I have more or less completed such things as Fan Writing and Monologists ( something like 75 monologists listed! Safe to say, the update of every page is a slow process. 2) Two new dates for SLTT (Stories Left to Tell): a) Stories Left to Tell at Soho Playhouse - All tickets are $5 with a portion of the proceeds from each performance going to benefit the Spalding Gray Scholarship Fund, and may be purchased by visiting the Soho Playhouse website at, or by calling (212) 691-1555. For group sales, please email:, or call (212) 691-1555. b) March 18-20, 2010 - Minneapolis, the Walker Arts Center 3) Please remember to sign the Bring Back Trying Times petition.Spalding wrote and starred in amazing episode called Bedtime Story. The whole series was wonderful. PBS had said the masters were burned in a fire, but a fan has located 10 out of 12 episodes in master form and we are looking for the missing 2. The Spalding episode is one of the existing ones. I will soon be sending the petition to John Boland (no relation!) who is the head of programming at PBS. Please sign it if you have not already: 4) I have recently put google adsense on the blog. This is an experiment to see what ads get placed. If the ads seem poor or inappropriate, I will pull the program. I ask that people join the blog and post to the blog as this helps its exposure. 5) Affiliates - the affiliate page is up and running. All the companies are at least remotely associated with something about Spalding, though there are stretches... Using the affiliates for on line purchases is very important for the site and for raising funds for the Scholarship fund. Here are some of the companies (they are being adjusted as I go): Amazon if you are not Canadian, use the link, and change countries at bottom of Amazon page. Abebooks, eBay, abebooks UK, alibris books, bonsai boy, cheap air, Barnes and Noble, Zone Alarm, Nirvana chocolates, Rockwell Tools, tshirts, customes, Playboy Store (yes, Spalding was in Playboy ~1968), shopzilla (Rockport shoes), ike stores, spiritual cinema stores, and (so that almost everything else is covered). welcome other suggestions of companies with affiliates. I notice the page needs some coding changes. It is very strange. The site contents get mysteriously changed quite frequently, including changes to the affiliates. There is essentially no way this can happen unless I do it so it is indeed mysterious. Hence the note on the site that it appears to be haunted! So happy Spalding Gray Day, take care and I hope I can get this out without all that lousy code mixed in. If that happens, I will redo/resend.
jb (take care of what's in front of you, leave the rest to the universe)

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