Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stories about Birds

After I listened to Kathie Russo's recent story of NPR about Spalding Gray and a returning bird,
reminded me of a friend who also had a bird story. Not nearly as hopeful or spiritual but alas still true.

They were at the SPCA and found a cockatiel in a nice cage. They wanted to save it but could only fit it into their office at work. They found that it was very noisy as it appeared to have been mistreated. However, no one complained.
Then one day, their 'team' turned against him, making all kinds of false accusations, including that they were cruel to the bird. Which was absolutely false. They had saved the bird and treated it very well.
They had to agree to get rid of the poor bird who went back to the SPCA. My friend's team was vicious from then on, led on by 2 people whom my friend had helped a great deal. Eventually my friend had to leave their position and their team did nothing to back them up. They should all feel a great deal of SMAME and I personally hope that birds never bless their lives. I hope the Squeek, the cockatiel, found a great home.

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