Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pasts

I once had gotten a job at an unnamed hospital in a clinic.
My first day of work was Halloween. I was living in my uninsulated cottage with a fireplace, sauna and break thru ice for water. That part was fine except the days that the wind came off the lake. It was called windy bay in the winter, sandy bay in the summer.
The first place I went at work was the cafeteria as I was early and needed a coffee. Virtually everyone in the cafeteria was dressed up, from the servers to the doctors.
Then I went to the clinic - I had been hired on the phone.
No one was dressed up. My denial kicked in but I was fairly sure what was wrong. It turned out I was right about both guesses. Half or more of the staff were rigid, and the other half were recent hires in total fear of rocking the boat. Anything new or 'liberal' was taboo. I can't say more as it would identify the hospital and at this point I don't want to. But I can always come back and edit...
My days there were short as I was on the cutting edge of the work done at the clinic, and that was way too threatening. Not only did I suffer, but many clients suffered as well.
As Lou Dobbs says of the current Bank bailout going into executive pockets - it is despicable...


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